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Shelter furniture stores, growth supported by White Space work

White Space helped Shelter develop a new online proposition

Questions answered:

  • What will the proposition look like?
  • Who is our target market and how do we access them?
  • What level of investment is required for each proposition?
  • What is the level of opportunity for each?
  • What are the positives and negatives of each proposition?
  • Service: Market Strategy, Proposition Development
  • Sector: Pro-Bono

Framework Construction
White Space built a framework of key questions to answer, and delegated responsibility for questions across WS and Shelter

Desktop Research
White Space conducted research into Shelter’s key question areas, looking into propositions and ecommerce trends

Interactive Workshop
A 2-hour workshop was held to evaluate the attractiveness of potential ecommerce propositions, based on 5 key areas: proposition, target market, marketing, investment and capabilities, and overall level of opportunity

Final Recommendations
WS combined workshop findings and presented recommendations for developing the best proposition in the short and long term

““The work was fantastic – it delivered some great insights, which has really informed our way forward”
Assistant Director – Income Generation, Shelter

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