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White Space helped the University of Exeter develop a strategic vision for 2030

To support the University of Exeter in developing a vision for their future world, the following questions were answered:

  • How is technology driving forward the future of Higher Education?
  • What could our world look like in 2030? What would the implications of change be for the University of Exeter?
  • How could we reimagine who we are and how we deliver services, in line with different visions of the future?

White Space sourced global technology experts with experience at leading research institutions and companies like DeepMind and Adobe, and included them in collaborative virtual workshops with internal stakeholders. The workshops brought all stakeholders along the journey and facilitated full interaction between all attendees.

We delivered key outputs digitally, building a content-rich microsite to maximise impact and engagement. The ‘Digital 2030’ microsite was launched, containing a suite of creative and visionary project outputs: videos, infographics, audio content, blog posts.

  • Service: Market Strategy
  • Sector: Education
“White Space truly enabled us to foster conversations across our organisation and engage our leaders in digitally driven provocations ahead of strategy development. Capturing insights from outside of the university and broader enriched our findings. White Space sourced external experts for us and matched them carefully to each workshop theme, even in an environment of tight timescales and limited internal availability over the holiday period”
Tracey Scotter, Chief Digital & Information Officer, University of Exeter

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More information on the White Space approach and how we engage with each growth stage can be found on a dedicated page on our website