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New Panasonic Business supported by White Space work

White Space have been helping Panasonic Business identify areas of opportunity within the public sector.

Following on from our work establishing their Fieldforce Solutions division, White Space helped Panasonic Business develop their growth strategy within the public sector by identifying key opportunities. Key questions answered include:

  • Where are the best opportunities for our products in this market?
  • What are the existing products we are competing against?
  • What procurement routes are common, and which can we compete best in?
  • How should we approach potential equipment buyers?
  • What trends are changing the equipment being bought?


  • Panasonic Business have a clearer vision of the market landscape in this area of the public sector
  • Certain segments are being prioritised, and products and services refined to accurately meet current needs of buyers
  • Service: Market Strategy
  • Sector: Tech
“White Space helped improve our understanding of market trends so that we could target the right areas with tailored solutions, which is helping to grow our business”
Regional Sector Manager, Panasonic Business Division
“I really enjoyed working with people at Panasonic who combined deep technical knowledge with a desire to solve human problems. I focused our team on developing a deep understanding of the market and potential partners. This allowed us to collaborate with Panasonic to build an offering that will really work in practice, in the UK and beyond”
John Bee, MD, White Space Strategy

If you’d like to discuss this further, or find out how White Space can help your organisation with market understanding and opportunity prioritisation please get in touch with John

More information on the White Space approach and how we engage with each growth stage can be found on a dedicated page on our website.

john bee